OfficeLink Opens The Studio at OfficeLink

OfficeLink has opened The Studio at OfficeLink, a full audio and video production studio at its Quincy location. The studio will be available at a discounted rate to tenants and members of OfficeLink and will be a resource for local businesses to create professional video content for their own use.

Our fully-equipped studio is perfect for recording video for your website or for distribution on your social media or podcasts. Our professional green-screen technology enables users to customize their background as needed. 

Video consumption is huge - YouTube now has over 1 billion users, and 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week. Increasingly it is the go-to medium for marketing.

Reserve Studio Time

 Video Production

$90/hour, sold in 15 minute increments - $22.50 for 15 minutes

20% discount for OfficeLink TENANTS, 10% discount for OfficeLink MEMBERS

No-post production work or distribution included

File provided electronically

Audio Production

$60/hour, sold by the minute


Production Requirements

  • If your recording requires headphones (ie: for a podcast), guests must bring their own headphones
  • Guests should provide related production materials and high resolution background image as needed
  • Post-editing is available for an additional fee


Contact us to reserve studio time for Video or Audio Podcast

Click here for Quincy Location